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oceandream9 wrote in askthekinksters
I just started out in the dominatrix business about two months ago and am experiencing new things everyday. However, today I'm supposed to do "puppy training" and I'm not quite sure how to do it. Could someone please explain the process to me? Thanks!

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Hi, I'll give you an answer coming from me being a submissive and kind of a "pet" to my mistresses. Puppy training is often about being a cherished pet - nonspeaking. Usually some kind of "training"/discipline is involved, other activities could include collaring, learning to walk/heel, voice training, perhaps boot licking, eating/drinking out of a bowl.
Basically, I'm a person who gets my perks by pleasing so as a pet, I want to be lovable and under the feet of my mistress in some way. I hope this was helpful.

That's very helpful! Thank you!

If you Google it you should be able to dig up some stuff that will be helpful on other Dommes websites.

I tried that. Unfortunately, it was no help.

How so? The idea of puppy training, or me just being green to the profession and wanting more education on the subject?

Pardon me, but asI was reading through "Kinksters" today, I saw your icon. That is so funny, it's simply beyond words. I can't wait to show it to my tigger (who is my hubby). Thanks for a grrrreat laugh. Oh, p.u., unintended pun...

Check out this site....


You'll find it under pet play. There should really be a certification exam for dommes. I mean before starting your own business maybe you should have a session or two just to at least get some semblance of what to do.

Re: Check out this site....

Thank you!

Topping for Money Is No Small Thing

There is a variety of different ways to do human animal play. It depends on what the client is looking for. Are they wanting to be the abused, can't-do-anything-right victim? Are they wanting to be the loved and adored pet who is trained sternly but lovingly and appreciated? Always ask the client what exactly they want. There are so many different angles for almost everything in the BDSM scene.

Buy and read and re-read SM101 by Jay Wiseman. Also try Janet and Dossie's "The Topping Book" AND "The Bottoming Book" (for perspective). Find someone EXPERIENCED to top you. You simply have no idea what you're doing until you experience it from the bottom. You'll be able to relate to your subs, and that will make you a good top. Keep reading, keep experiencing new things from the bottom. You can never know too much about this practice. You can't just walk in and say, "Hey, I think I'm going to make money doing this." You have to know what you're doing: you can hurt someone very seriously, and/or get yourself hurt in a number of ways.


Re: Topping for Money Is No Small Thing

Thank you so much! I've been lucky enough to have some very experienced people as clients who are very patient with me, and enjoy teaching me how to be better. I'm a switch, so I certainly have seen what is enjoyable and what is not...of course depending on the individual. I always discuss everything with them beforehand, and generally get a short training session from the woman in charge.
I couldn't hurt anybody at this point physically because I never receive any people into hardcore masochism. The people in charge need to train me more for anything like that, and they are aware of that.
As for emotional hurt, I don't really do that at this point either. Most of what I do is tease and deny, oil wresting, and other misc not to domme type stuff.
I figured I'd ask here for help because...well, that's what this place is for :)

You know there's a host of ways in which a person can be a human pet. In my case this is something I've been wondering about doing with my girlfriend.

Tonight I tried to explore my feelings. It got a bit generic but here's the note I wrote about it:

There's also nothing saying you can't talk to the person and ask them what they expect, what they would like to get out of it, and exactly the kind of play they had in mind.

I always do that. I was just look for more techniques. But thank you!

You sound like a very nice person who has a good attitude. I'd recommend "Screw the Roses, give me the thorns" by Gloria Brame in addition to the Topping Book recommended above.
Anyway, as a sub who has been with lifesytle dommes, pro dommes, and a variety of experience, there's something very fun about playing with a new domme. I love the way each woman has her particular style of dominance and in some ways, I think experienced dommes sometimes fall into 'character' and not be as personal. I look forward to hearing about your adventures.

Thank you!
Actually, my best friend really enjoyed Screw the Roses, Give me the Thorns. So I guess that's the one to pick up.
I'm quite new to all of this, and though I'm receiving training, the more ideas I get from wherever, the better! Thank you again for your advice.

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