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Long Distance Punishments?
fadedrainbows wrote in askthekinksters
My Sir and I live about an hour apart. We can see each other on the weekends, but not during the week due to school and work schedule conflicts. We're in a D/s relationship with complicated circumstances that I can't get into now.

Anyways, he was trying to think of punishments for me the other night when we aren't with each other. And being an avid lurker here, I thought you guys might have some ideas, links, anything at all would be helpful.

Thanks so much for any help at all.

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Uh I know that one, it's the same for me and my boy.

Ideas would be...
- forbid you to do something you enjoy for the following week (i.e. my boy has cake with his collegues every thursday, when he's been bad I'll tell him to only order coffee and watch them eat)
- tell you to kneel/stand in the corner/whatever suits your relationship for a specific amount of time either before going to bed or even tell you to get up early to be able to do it before work, or maybe right then in front of a webcam. Also you can vary the degree of punishment i.e. by kneeling on pillow/carpet/tiles/a broomstick beneath your knees
- my boy has a bedtime (10.30pm), so punishment can also be to send him to bed early
- establish a phone or webcam connection and have your master turn off his cam/mic so he can watch you but you won't know his responses. While he sends his orders via chat or switching on his phone mic for it. Again he can tell you to kneel or other uncomfortable poses, tell you to use clamps, wax, tens, repeat sentences in front of the cam and maybe even record it.
- also the ever popular, being told to stimulate yourself but not being allowed to have an orgasm...

Hope that gives you some ideas to start from ;)

Thanks for the responses. I sent him this way with the link, so I'm sure he has found them helpful. :]

I don't know how easy these may be to come by these days (I'm an older kinkster), but my Master used to have long-distance sister slaves. One I particularly remember is a mold in the shape of a dildo. Fill it with water, put it in the freezer. When solid ice, use it on yourself, and MEAN it. It was never used on me, but I could only feel very sorry for her. Some may actually enjoy it, though.

Other than that, I've been made to stand, feet wide apart, hands on the wall. The feet must be farther back from the wall than the shoulder. In other words, you're leaning into the wall. No knee bending. Stay in that position for whatever length of time he tells you. It may sound tame, but it is not!!

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